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Inspiration for business leaders on how to achieve truly outstanding team performance.

Based on a series of interviews with internationally-acclaimed orchestral conductors.

Introductions by:.

Helmut Maucher: Chairman of The Board, Nestlé SA, Switzerland.

John Tusa: Managing Director, Barbican Centre, London.

John Manger: Managing Director, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London.

Three years ago while working on a project on high performance in leadership for ABB, Nokia, SAS, and Fortune Magazine, I and a colleague of mine had the pleasure of interviewing three music conductors; Valery Gergiev, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Mariss Jansons. They expressed some of the most valuable, affective and reflective views and experiences on leadership I have ever heard. When thinking about it, it's not at all surprising. Who else on that leadership level is directly working with 100 professional high achieving and aspiring performers?

I decided to learn and explore more and share when finished through a quote book and a presentation programme. Some of our biggest achievements as human beings are learning and sharing. A person can only achieve his or her potential greatness through relationships with others. Nearly everything we achieve is ultimately the result of a combined effort or partnership with others. Learning situations are created by doing and then learning from an evaluation of the consequences. Common sense tells us that every person cannot experience everything, so experiences have to be transferred.

Our experience tells us that the real impact on the ability to change is the collection of experiences, anecdotes and stories to share with others. We do that in the form of quotes from in-depth interviews. It releases the inner strings that are so important as a foundation for change; the affective domain.

We are interviewing some of the world's greatest conductors and carefully designing a two hour presentation programme of leadership wisdom and experiences gained by conductors in intense relationship with their followers, collaborators and audiences for executives to learn from, get inspiration and new perspectives from.

I have included interviews with Richard Hickox (City of London Sinfonia), Sir Colin Davis (London Symphony Orchestra), Iona Brown (Academy of St Martin in the Fields & Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, died 2004), Neeme Järvi (Detroit Symphony Orchestra & Gothenburg Symphony), William Christie (Les Arts Florissants, Paris), David Atherton (English National Opera & Hong Kong Philharmonic), Daniele Gatti (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), Paavo Järvi (Stockholm Philharmonic), Phillipp Herreweghe (La Chapelle Royal, Paris), Andrew Litton (Dallas Symphony Orchestra), Sir Neville Marriner (Academy of St Martin in the Fields), Christoph von Dohnányi (Cleveland Symphony Orchestra), Christoph Eschenbach (Houston Symphony Orchestra), Mark Wigglesworth (BBC National Orchestra of Wales) Jane Glover (New York City Opera and Opera de Bordeaux) and Sir Georg Solti, One of the most celebrated conductors in the world, guest conductor with the worlds greatest orchestras, died in 1997.

Here are some quotes.

On purpose:

You have to have a great deal of faith and you've got to risk a lot. You can ask people to play this way and that, but the better the people, the more they want to know why they should do it. You've got to tell them why and then you've got to risk it.

Sir Colin Davis

The purpose is to touch the top. I have never done a perfect concert. Probably it doesn't exist. If it does exist, it probably means a rather cold, computerised performance. I like to feel the strength behind the stands - as if people are having a battle to reach the top. It's passion. So every time we reach the top, it seems farther away the next time.

Daniele Gatti

On what I have learnt:

I was working as an assistant to Rostropovich and he was saying to me: "If you do the same programme 25 times, you must never be bored with it." I think he meant - that you must always find something, that this is great music, that you have been privileged with the ability to perform it, and therefore you must never find excuses for not making it the best it can possibly be. That was very important to me. It sounds obvious, but when somebody says something like that with such vehemence you realise there's a lot of truth in it and that you must think seriously about it. It is easy, for something you do day in and day out, for it to become a 9-5 job psychologically. But it's essential that one never feels that way about art. It was pivotal for me to hear that so early on in my career.

Andrew Litton

This kind of leadership has to be by example. I have to prove myself all the time. I have to show that this music and this orchestra is the greatest in the world. You have to demonstrate to people that it is here, in their midst. It is up to us, up to me, to get local people to support us because they want to, because they think we are wonderful. Now they are supporting us, and they are very generous. The big thing is to trust each other, to understand each other.

Neeme Järvi

The quotes represent an inner connection and is composed so as to build up the participant's energy. I am now offering this presentation to business companies as a useful input of a different people oriented perspective into leadership and management training. To tailor-make the presentation to actual challenges we may arrange a short interview with your CEO where he/she could offer some comments on the quotes within selected areas. The areas of relevance are the following:

1. Purpose

The importance of having a sense of purpose

2. Preparing For World-class Performance

Preparing and planning the performance

3. Living Your Values

Living your personal values and transferring to others

4. Communicating & Building Trust

Taking risks in communication and building trust

5. Persuasion

Persuasion as a leadership tool

6. Intensity

The intensity in the moment of action may be crucial for the quality of the outcome

7. Main Source of Energy

Where to find energy to support an ever higher level of performance

8. All Towards One Direction

Knowledge workers require a certain degree of freedom to enable the full use of their competence. However, a clear mission creates a necessity for aligning the forces towards the goal. How do you manage to align everyone towards one direction yet keeping the necessary individual freedom?

9. Change

Knowing when to change

10. Key Lessons On How To Be Successful With People

The personal qualities contributing to current success. Decisive elements leading to superior performance.

You may ask: What can we learn from conductors? Well, remember that conductors are dealing directly with a large group of individuals; professionals representing often a far higher degree of competence in his instrument than the conductor. He or she represents the co-ordinating and aligning element, just like a top business leader.

The conductors represent an outstanding resource on how to facilitate the best out of people. Myself, I have been in business studying and/or executing leadership for twenty years, but I have never seen leaders being better able to achieve superior results through people. They have a passion for what they do and are able to merge that with people orientation resulting in an experience for the audience.

Ok, this was just a taster, did you like it? As me, do you think this is relevant to your challenges as a leader? Well, in that case you can buy the book. It cost £9.00 or NOK 100,- + shipping costs. Please order below and allow six weeks shipping.

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